“Border country always has a special atmosphere - a certain edginess that occurs at the interface between two distinct areas. The Tamar Valley, which both joins and divides Cornwall and Devon, has just this special quality and an identity that is all its own”.

- Pip Palmer, Features Writer

Artists and creatives have long been drawn to the Tamar Valley. It has been a source of inspiration for many artists, makers and creatives for centuries.. Creatives have moved from many parts of the country to enjoy the life of an artisan on the Devon and Cornwall border.

This region is rich with archaeology, industrial archaeology, history and natural beauty. The moors and the coast have both been great draws for artists and creatives living and working here. The art and craft work is carried out in a variety of ways which includes both traditional and modern methods. The old ways of working are being kept alive by a number of artisans. These artists will hopefully pass these skills onto younger generations.

The type of media and materials used ranges from wood, stone, wool, textiles, glass, paper and canvas. These reflect developments in the arts, crafts and creatives arena.

They are united by their passion for this beautiful, and sometimes forgotten, part of the South West. Many of these people are members of Drawn to the Valley.

The Drawn to the Valley group of artists was formed in 2003 by the artists and creatives themselves. It is a focal point for well established professional artists, talented amateurs and beginners.

The group is an effective support network for creatives. This is particularly relevant today with the spread of Corona Virus, which has meant artists have had few outlets available in which to sell their works.

The Committee and Members work hard to promote the Tamar Valley Region. In doing so they contribute to the regeneration of the local economy by selling their art and crafts at various exhibitions and Open Studios. This was the whole purpose at the beginning, however then it was foot and mouth which caused economic problems.

The group consists of over 160 members. These creatives work in disciplines such as painting, printmaking,ceramics, sculpture, calligraphy , jewellery and textiles.

Membership is open to anyone living and/or working in the Tamar Valley Region. Our artistic community is continuing to grow and we warmly welcome new members.

Members are the heart of the Valley

If you are living and/or working in the Tamar Valley region, we would like to invite you to our artistic community.