I have been making for ten years and writing for five of these years. My back-round is in Hospitality and Catering Training and teaching across the age ranges, including F.E. Primary and Secondary education. I carry the logo “Instinctive Art”, which describes the way I work and write. I am retired and live in Earlswood Plymouth with my wife Debs, since we moved here from Bedfordshire eighteen months ago. We are both Christians and some of my work reflects this.

My art and poetry are drawn from my life experiences, the artwork is multi-media, notably natural products, wood, flowers, leaves, fungus / seed pods / moss etc. I have written and published four books of poems to support my artwork which is primarily conceptual. Each piece of art may be accompanied with a self- written poem which compliments the conceptual nature of the art.

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Recently I have planned and carried out a six-week delivery from the Book of Revelation. This included 20 pieces of sculpture, 12 self-written and published poems and signage to compliment the work. It was showed in our church at Plymouth Christian Centre.

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'Dry Bones'

I collect my basic products from the environment where I live in Plymbridge woods and indeed any place where I can locate suitable materials. They are then dried thoroughly before being stripped back and stored in readiness for an art piece.

I will then name the piece and write a poem to compliment the work. Sometimes I will use a poem I have already written and make a piece to compliment it.

Having the latent need to express myself, I wrote my first book of poetry “My Freed Mind”, which clearly describes why I write as I do. In addition it also helps to describe my artwork and the concept behind the piece.

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'The Whistleblower'

And So It Was - A poem by Paul Rogers
And so it was the ticking clock’s alarm that sounded at a stroke so constant I could hardly wait to be reminded of the fall from what I was, to how I now am held firm by crutches from my past.
It’s not that I had yearned at all, but slowly fell from grace to now, while days go by like shifting sands to rocks that have held me to this shore, accepting the consequences that would, in time, be mine to contemplate whilst shedding a solitary tear to time now spent.
Exchanging fears for nagging doubt, unable to escape the bonds which held me to this circumstance conceived from deep within this frame, the one from which I must break free.
But I am not alone from either Him or her, my forever friends who stand in my shadow as I hide inside this solitary space which, I must admit I have found a home, not of comfort but of apparent necessity.
And as I look into the glass no reflection is seen, for its mirror has been wiped clean from the surface of my mind and replaced by a yet unknown existence towards which I am drawn into the season ahead.
Where it will be and what knowledge it will bring I have no understanding, as this derives only from experience, emotion, introspection and the sharing of this time with those who share my life.
And what do I feel? excitement, apprehension and the chance to share this time with her my anchor, not forgetting or neglecting my obligations and responsibilities to Him who will always be my rock.
And so it is.
Believe, commit, share and above all trust, knowing that without seeing, all will be well.