I am a designer in textile practices, an animal lover, a creative business owner and a lucky and happy partner to another creative soul and photographer.

I believe in creative networking, conversation and communication, sharing creative knowledge, work in the community, freedom and love.

I come from Debrecen, the Eastern regional capital in Hungary, I was classically trained in Hungary, I moved to London aged 21 and I got my Textiles degree in Plymouth in 2016, where I live now. I love asking questions as I have a curious nature, designing and making for interiors, and the amazing countryside that surrounds us in the South West of England.

The interior of a room showing a table, chandelier, a wool cushion and a wall hanging.

My love for creating showed early at primary school art classes, my request to attend pottery and drawing classes, and I worked hard to be accepted at one of Hungary’s four Art Colleges. There we learnt in a classic way to draw, sculpt and paint. My specialist subject was Leather Craft, which covered replica folk art reaching into Hungarian and international heritage, through accessories to shoes and multi-piece outfits. I naturally wanted to extend that with textile practices, and after a 20 year detour, I finally arrived at Plymouth College of Art’s Textiles degree course. Starting a degree at 38 was no easy feat, but I had a great time. I finished my studies winning two awards. My three-dimensional, two-layer wallpaper design won the ‘My Home’ Category and my curious nature into cross disciplinary work, including designing knitted wool shoes and printing on wood, earned me the ‘Enterprise Award for Graduating Artist’ in 2016.

tea or coffee
Screen printed cushion, lamp shade and lamp stand, featuring my 'Tea or Coffee?' design.

I have been building my creative business since graduation. I most enjoy designing and making interior products and I most favour natural materials. Making a living out of one’s creative work is not easy. Especially when my passion lies in creating individual items. As I deeply value hand made and tradition, I started teaching myself watercolour painting to produce primarily botanical paintings, which I can turn into surface pattern designs, or sell prints of them as well as sell the originals. This string in my bow is still in baby shoes, but I am enjoying the process immensely. My newest influences are, no surprise, on Instagram and YouTube. I admire and aspire to the work of the Whimsical Creative, who paints amazing flowers. I also enjoy looking at many pattern promoting pages for inspiration.

Winner of the i-dott 'My Home' category, 2015.


What is the best work related experience you had recently?

The prospect of being able to make a living out of my work with this new way of multi-purposing each piece I create is exciting.

Where's your favourite place?
- water. A lake, a river, the sea. I love watching water, being in water, drinking water.

What's your favourite book and/or film?

My taste is eclectic. I equally enjoy giggling my way through the Stephanie Plum stories, go all gooey over a rom com story, learn from documentaries, or watch period dramas, action films and read nail biting crime novels.

Who would you most like to meet (anyone dead or alive)?

A Yogi. They can meditate to deep levels we can only imagine. Maybe I admire their way of life because it is so different from the Western European lifestyle we lead.

Which place would you like to visit most?

South America. The Aztec pyramids and Machu Picchu. And while there, maybe attempt to explore the Amazon. And the Bolivian salt plains. One day...

Who is your hero/who do you most admire?

Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen. I adore his talent, his flamboyancy and confidence in what he does. I was awestruck by his hand painted mural around the master bedroom. I was thrilled to meet him at the i-dott gala, where he presented us with our prize and I was the luckiest winner to sit next to him through dinner.

What motivates and inspires you?

My husband, a fellow creative. He is incredibly supportive, we built a studio together, and it is an absolute joy being in that space with him, creating together.

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