I am from a family of artists originating in the far west of Cornwall.

I lived in Tavistock for many years and, although I still work there, I now live in Plymouth.
I'm inspired by the land and seascapes around me.Particularly by flowers, as I am also a professional florist,and by St. Michael's Mount,which my family have connections with.

BB Honeymoon
'Honeymoon' - Oil on canvas, 90x100cm

I mostly use oils, but depending on the subject I may use pastels,watercolours or acrylics. At the moment I'm working on a huge colourful abstract landscape painting, a commission from a nurse.

'As the crow flies' - Oil on canvas, 50x100cm

I have travelled widely and spent ten unforgettable days on art safari near the Drakenburg mountains, S.Africa. We went out at sunrise and sunset and painted. A young man with a rifle guarding our backs. We saw many animals, beautiful, wild, dangerous.

'Summer Sea' - Oil on canvas, 40x80cm

In Egypt and China I saw the most amazing sights and painted their temples and artefacts. In 2016, I entered my painting, "The Mines" into the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition, a highlight for me. My best recent work was a commission in oils from a couple who spent their honeymoon in the Maldives.

'Putsborough Beach' - Oil on canvas, 30x60cm


What's the best work related thing you have done recently?

The best recent work I've done was a commission of Putsborough beach, in oils.

Where's your favourite place?

My favourite place, apart from Marazion, is Kingsand.

What's your favourite book and/or film?

My favourite book is Life After Life by Kate Atkinson.

What irritates you?

I'm irritated by cyclists not using cycle paths alongside them, risking their lives and others.

Who would you most like to meet (anyone dead or alive)?

I would like to meet my father again, who sadly died when I was 22.

Who is your hero/who do you most admire?

I admire the Devon artist, Judith Cummings.

What motivates and inspires you?

I am motivated by my two daughters, who are a joy and my fan club!