An art commission is a brilliant way of telling a personal story or capturing a particular memory. They can make special enduring presents for family and friends,

An artist can find a commission interesting, exciting and often challenging. It is quite a different experience to their usual art projects. It is also satisfying to know that as an artist you have created a memorable piece of artwork that will be loved and cherished by someone.

If you would like to discuss a particular art commission, contact us. We can help you to find the artist who would best fit the brief. Our talented group of artists welcome the opportunity to work on commissions.

Commissions may include portraits, landscapes, abstract and contemporary artworks in diverse styles and media. The Tamar Valley artists create bespoke and beautiful artworks and crafts that also make special presents.

An art commission is accepted by all of the artists shown below. Click on the artist to explore their work. It therefore might be worth considering to record your family, friends or business story.