My main aim is to help people to explore creativity, develop techniques and generally be prepared to just have a go. It is all about making marks and seeing where it takes you. Abstract art can be very evocative and is another way for an artist to  explore their world.

My workshops cover pen and ink drawing techniques, acrylic paint pours, using mixed media and using palette knives and an old credit card for example.

I run structured courses for up to five people at time. In these I encourage the artists to define a project. Then help them develop the skills and techniques they need in order to achieve their goal.

I also encourage learners to create from within enable in sessions of one or two which enables me to devote more time to each learner. I gain an understanding of what they want to achieve and we we agree a plan and get down to some creating.  This can be exciting, satisfying and helps in building the learners confidence as an artist.

The collage picture show learner and myself in a workshop as well as three pictures illustrating three quite different techniques used to create some unusual abstract pictures. Contact me if you wish to explore creativity.